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user iconHoward EversonPI, Project EvaluatorGraduate School & University, CUNY
user iconHT EversonCity University of New York
user iconHarriett Emanuel-BooneProject ParticipantSamuel Gompers High School
user iconAhmed ElmeskyProject Staff
user iconAnthony DuranteProject Professional Developer, Project ParticipantBronx Community College - CUNY
user iconMark DunetzProject Evaluator
user iconAnnabel dsouzaProject GuestLehman College
user iconOlen DiasProject Participant
user iconPatricio DelgadoProject ParticipantNorman Thomas high school
user iconBronislaw CzarnochaProject ParticipantHostos Community College of CUNY
user iconLinda Curtis-BeyAdvisory Board Member, Project ParticipantNYC Department of Education
user iconralph cuevastudent
user iconSandra ClarksonProject ParticipantHunter College of CUNY
user iconCarlos ChengProject Participant
user iconDania Castillo
user iconPamela CarterProject ParticipantHarry S. Truman High School
user iconElaine CarmanProject ParticipantCollege Board
user iconMelba CampbellProject ParticipantSamuel Gompers High School
user iconMelonie CallenderProject ParticipantNorman Thomas HS
user iconJane Butler KahleProject EvaluatorMiami University
user iconKevin BuiProject ParticipantHarry S. Truman HS
user iconJeffrey BriggsProject ParticipantNew World High School
user iconSarah BonnerCo-PI, Project Evaluator, Project Researcher
user iconDaniel BodzinProject Participant
user iconMonica BellaviaProject ParticipantHarry S. Truman High School
user iconNadya AwadallahProject ParticipantNYCDOE
user iconLine AugustinProject EvaluatorGraduate Center, CUNY
user iconHadda Ait Oukdim-ConteProject Participantn/a
user iconJennifer AdamsProject Researcher, Project ParticipantUniversity of Calgary