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Jane Butler Kahle


  • Researcher, Evaluator 


Kahle has been the Division Director of Elementary, Seconday, and Informal Science Education, NSF, Professor of Biological Sciences, Purdue, and Condit Endowed Professor, Miami. She started and, until her retirement, directed Ohio's Center for Evaluation and Assessment for Mathematics and Science Education. She is the recipient of over 50 million dollars in external funding, including funds for Ohio's Statewide Systemic Initiative, Discovery. 


Evaluation, assessment, and research concerning systemic reform, gender, and preparation and professional development of science and mathematics teachers. 


Kahle, J.B. (2008) Systemic Reform: Research, Vision,and Politics. In S.K.Abell & N.G. Lederman (Eds.),The Handbook of Research on Science Education (pp.911-943), Mahwah, NJ:Earlbaum
Kahle, J/B. (2008). Science or pseudo-science: Yes, it matters! The American Biology Teacher, 70(2), 70-71.
Fraser,B.J.& Kahle,J.B. (2007). Classroom, home and peer environment influences on student outcomes in science and mathematics: An analysis of systemic reform data. Internat. Journal of Sc. Education,.29,1891=1909.